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Adm. Sec. Josiah Burchett to Robert Maynard—20 Nov 1719

Letters – Josiah Burchett to Robert Maynard—20 Nov 1719

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ADM 2/453 (NC Call # 73.8473)    


20th Novembr. 1719


?? the Petition of ??? Companies of the Lyme & Pearl


The inclosed is a Petition on the behalf of several Men of the Companies of the Lyme and Pearl, who represent to my Lords Commissrs. of the Admty., that you refuse to distribute among them the Prize Mony for taking [Edward] Teache the Pirate, according to the Articles of Agreement, In which they undertook to go upon that Action, as also that you have used them hardly in several other respects, And their Lordps. are pleased to direct that you return a very particular answer to the whole. I am

                  Your humble St. Burchett

Lieut. [Robert] Maynard   Pearl




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