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Deposition of William Bell—12 Mar 1719

Depositions – William Bell—12 Mar 1719

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William Bell of the precinct of Corratuck being sworne and Examined deposeth that being on Board his periangor at the Landing of John Chester in Pamticough river in North Carolina in the night of the 14th of September last a large periagor passed by standing up the river that a litle before break of day the same periagor returned and rowed on Board the deponant That a whiteman that he since understands was Edward Thache [Bell did not know his identity during the incident—originally believed him to be Thomas Unday] entered the deponants periangor and asked him if he had anything to drink to which the depont answered it was so dark he could not well see to drawe any whereupon the sd Thache called for sword which was handed him from his owne periagor and Commanded the deponant to put his hands behind him in order to be tyed Swearing Damnation seize him he would kill the deponant if he did not tell him truly where the money was. That the deponant asked him who he was and whence he came to which the sd Thache replied he came from Hell and he would carry him presently That the Deponant laid hold of the sd Thache and struggled with him upon which he called to his men to come on Board to his assistance and they came and laid hold on the deponant his son and an Indian he had with him then the sd Thache demanded his pistols and the deponant telling him they were locked up in his chest he was goeing to break it open but the deponant intreated him not to doe soe for he would open it but tho he permitted the deponant to unlock the Chest he would not suffer him to put his hands therein but took the pistols out himself that the sd Thache having got the deponants periangor out into the midle of the river rifled her took away £66 10s in Cash one peice of Crape Containing 58 yards a box of pipes half a barrel of Brandy and Several other goods the perticulars are mentioned in an account the deponant now delivered into court that perticularly the deponant was robbed of a silver cup of remarkeable ffashion being made to screw in the midle the upper part resembling a Chalice the Lower a Tumbler which cup the deponant is imformed has been found on Board Thaches Sloop that when the sd Thache and his Crew had taken what they thought fit from the deponant they tossed his sail and oares overboard and so rowed downe the river That the sd Thache in Beating the deponant broke his sword about a Quarter of a yard from the point which broken peice of the sword the deponant found in the periangor and now produces in Court and the deponant Verily beleave Thache had inteligence of his haveing money otherwise he woud have passed by in returneing from as he did in goeing to Mr Knight without concerneing himself with the periangor and the deponant further saith that within Two hours after he had been thus robbed he went to complaine to the Governor of North Carolina who sent him to Mr Knight then Chief Justice upon which the sd Knight gave him the Warrant or hue & Cry which he now produces in Court and that notwithstanding the deponant did particularly discribe the periangor and the men by whome he was thus robbed and did repeat as near as he could the Language the whiteman used to the deponant and declared that the other foure were Negroes or White men disguised as such and that the sd periangor had passed by the same night toward his house or Bath Towne yet the sd Knight did not discover to the deponant that any such periangor had been at his house or that he knew of Thaches being in the Country

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