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Capt. Ellis Brand to Admiralty—12 Jul 1718

Letters – Brand to Admiralty—12 Jul 1718

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ADM 1/1472    Capt. Ellis Brand of Lyme to Lords of Admiralty - 12 Jul 1718


Sir           Lyme, July:12:1718  Cape Henry bearing West 1/2 No: 50 Leauges


This comes by the globe of Maryland which I am seeing of the coast I am to Acquaint you for there Lordships information that On the 10 June or thereabouts a large pyrate Ship of forty Guns with three Sloops in her company came upon the coast of North Carolina ware they endeavour'd to goe in to a harbour call'd Topsail Inlett; the Ship stuck upon the bar att the entrance of the harbour and is lost; as is one of the sloops the other two Sloops being slill in there posession with two hundred and 30 of the pyrats they continue togeather given out they design for  Cureico and others of the Islands; when they first came on this coast there number consisted of three hundred and twentie, whites and Negroes, the rest haveing been to surrender, some to the Governor of No Carolina and severall are come into Virginia I am told by a Man that left them, about seventeen days since that the two Sloops crews are fallen out and it was expected they would engage each other if there disputes are not soon reconcil'd Amongst them; I have enquir'd of severall people that are Acquainted with the place they are in att, and they all agree they are not to be come at with a Ship. I shall use my utmost endeavors to informe my self of them and that part of the coast they most cruise upon and if it is possible for me to distroy them notwithstanding they are not soe much superior to me, in number as One hundred and thirtie men. I shall not fail of doing my endeavour.

I am likewise to acquaint you for there Lordships information that my Leuf: haveing applied to me, for leave to quit his imployement for the recoverie of his health the countrey not agreeing with him and I have consented to it, have Appointed a Young Gentleman that has past his examination att home, and I bleive his diligence, will recommend him to there Lordships favour in confirming him, in this Leuftennancy

I am


                           Your Most Obedient humble

                           Servt: to command

                                    Ells: Brand



Own the zrt.? And acquaint him that their Lrdps. Take notice of his diligence, & of the particular Accounts which he gives of the Pirates, & recomd. It to him to do his utmost to destroy them.

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