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While the many passages above may appear in Quest for Blackbeard, the histories and genealogies of all known pirates will be explored in similar depth in Brooks’ Dictionary of Pyrate Biography, currently in the planning stages.

Brooks has over 35 years of experience in genealogical research, has worked as a professional genealogist, and lately studied in the Maritime Studies Program at East Carolina University.


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Richard Ward at Charles Town, SC—11 Oct 1715

Alex. Spotswood and John Vickers, 3 Jul 1716

Pirate Goods in South Carolina 14-19 Jul 1716

SC officials pirating the goods of Benjamin Hornigold’s former

Sloop Betty, then commanded by John Perrin of Virginia

Thomas Walker letter at Charles Town, SC—5 Aug 1716

Thomas Walker Junr. at Charles Town, SC—6 Aug 1716

Samuell Liddell 7 Aug 1716 (off site)

Allen Bernard, 10 Aug 1716 (off-site)

Memorial of Monsr. Moret (off site)

Lewis Galdy, 10 Aug 1716 (pdf)

Jonathan Barnet, 10 Aug 1716 (pdf) or (text)

Thomas Bendysh, 14 Aug 1716 (pdf)

John Cavalier, 16 Aug 1716 (pdf)

John Beswick, 18 Aug 1716 (pdf)

Report of Acting-Gov. Peter Heywood—3 Dec 1716

Henry Timberlake, 17 Dec 1716 Thache/Hornigold

Deposition of Joseph Eels, qmstr of Mary—20 Dec 1716

Andrew Turbett and Robert Gilmore - 17 Apr 1717

Report of Matthew Musson, 5 Jul 1717

Report of Capt. Candler, HMS Winchelsea, 8 Jul 1717

Henry Bostock, St. Christophers, 19 Dec 1717

David Herriot, Charles Town, 24 Oct 1718 3 pages

Stiles, Blake, White, & Gates—12 Mar 1719

William Bell—12 Mar 1719

Remonstrance of Tobias Knight—27 May 1719

Edmund Chamberlaine—27 May 1719

William Smith—Concerning Tookerman-1 Sep 1721






Pirates of Morning Star and Good Fortune—28 Apr 1922

Richard Taylor and crew of Cassandra— 26 Apr 1723






William Howard Trial in Virginia—29 Oct 1718

Stede Bonnet, etc. Charles Town, SC (pdf)

Spanish Town, Jamaica (Vane, Rackham, etc) (pdf)

Trial of Dr. John Howell, the Bahamas, 18-29 Dec 1721

Henry Teague et al in SC 27-30 Nov 1716

Ten Persons Tried for Piracy at Nassau—9-10 Dec 1718

Judgment of Olivier le Vasseur du la Buse, 7 Jul 1730 (off site)





Papers and Statements:


Excerpt from Papers of Thomas Pitt, earl of Londonderry

        5 partners’ settlement of Bahamas 1717-1721


Proclamation of King George I (pirates in Jamaica) - 30 Aug 1716

Page’s List (10 Vessels comm. By Hamilton)—ca. May 1716

Board of Trade – Decision on Lord Hamilton - 2 Oct 1717



Reference Shelf: Any of the sources used from this list for your own work is acceptable with a citation as to where you found it!



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Richard Perry to Micajah Perry, 15 Apr 1717

Adm. Sec. Josiah Burchett to Ellis Brand—30 May 1717

Adm. Sec. Josiah Burchett to Lt. Gov. Alex. Spotswood—30 May 1717

Ellis Brand to Adm. Sec. Josiah Burchett—4 Dec 1717

Gov. William Hamilton to Board—6 Jan 1718

HMS Phoenix Captain’s Logs—entries for 22 Feb-11 Apr 1718

Vincent Pearse to Admiralty, 4 Mar 1717/8

Ellis Brand to Adm. Sec. Josiah Burchett—22 May 1718

Vincent Pearse to Admiralty, 3 Jun 1718 w/enclosure

     (includes 209 pirates surrendered at New Providence)

Thomas Smart of HMS Squirrel to Admiralty—20 Jun 1718 (re: QAR wreck)

Ellis Brand to Admiralty—12 Jul 1718 (re: QAR wreck)

Vincent Pearse to Admiralty, 5 Sep 1718

Tobias Knight to Edward Thache—17 Nov 1718

Alexander Spotswood to George Gordon—24 Nov 1718

Ellis Brand to Admiralty—6 Feb 1718/9

       (about the Virginian Invasion of North Carolina)

Ellis Brand to Admiralty—12 Mar 1718/9

Ellis Brand to Admiralty—8 Jul 1719

Ellis Brand to Admiralty—14 Jul 1719

Alexander Spotswood to Treasury - 16 Jul 1719

Josiah Burchett to Richard Elliot—18 May 1719

George Gordon to Adm. Sec. Burchett, 2 Oct 1719

George Gordon to Adm. Sec. Burchett, 17 Nov 1719

Josiah Burchett to Robert Maynard—20 Nov 1719

Josiah Burchett to Capt. Ellis Brand—20 Jan 1720

George Gordon to Adm. Sec. Josiah Burchett—14 Sep 1721

Admiralty to Clerk of Council—5 Oct 1721

Edward Vernon to Wm. Cockbourn at Jamaica —29 Nov 1721




Wills and Deeds (discovered and transcribed by Baylus C. Brooks)


Will of Cox Thache, Spanish Town, Jamaica —25 Feb 1737

Will of Lucretia Teache, Spanish Town, Jamaica—11 Sep 1742-1 Sep 1743

Will of Thomas Teache mariner of St. George, Middlesex, England—1747

Deed of Edward “Blackbeard” Thache of HMS Windsor to Lucretia Thache—10 Dec 1706


French Records (Windward Islands)


Extract from Gov. William Hamilton to De Pas Feuquieres—spring 1717

De Pas Feuquieres about La Concorde—10 Dec 1717

Navy Cmdr. of Martinique Charles Mesnier about La Concorde—10 Dec 1717

Deposition of Christopher Taylor at Martinique - 12 Jan 1718

Deposition of Francois Ernaud 1st officer of La Concorde—27 Apr 1718

Deposition of Pierre Dosset captain of La Concorde—27 Apr 1718

Declaration of Guinard and Dumillon (of Postillon) - 10 May 1719

Minutes of Marine Council—Feuquieres–Amnesty— 30 May 1719

About 36-gun English pirate—De Pas Feuquieres - 12 July 1719