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Richard Perry of Rappahannock, VA to Micajah Perry of London—15 Apr 1717

Letters – Perry to Perry—15 Apr 1717

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Virginia Plant. General


Extract of a Ltr. from Virginia relating to Pirates in ye West Indies

reced from Mr. Macajah Perry


Reced       |

Read  |   31st: May 1717



Ent'd F folo. 446



Rappa. April 15th 1717



This Short Line Via Larpool acquaints you that our Coast is now infested with Pyrates God knows what damages they'l do to Trade Ships are dailey going out knowing in the Day Jennett a Whitehaven man Capt. Dickeson was taken about 20 leagues off the Cape by a Sloop [Palsgrave William’s Mary Anne?] of 8 Gunns & forty men they robb'd the Ship & had Several times resolv'd to destroy both Ship & men, but at length a Quarrel hapning among the Officers he thinks they owe their Preservation to, they came into the Bay both Sloop and Ship & Chased another Vessell a pretty way up but Seeing a large Ship in Lin haven they were Suspicious of a Man of Warr & Stood out again leaving this Ship at an Anchor the Pyrate had lost his Consort but 3 days before of 28 Gunns & 200 Men the Ship called the Woodaugh [Whydah] supposed to be a Londonr. a Guinea man this account of the Great Ship Dickeson had from a Prisoner a master of a Rhode Island Vessel taken before & his Vessel destroyed. They boasted that was the Fiftieth Ship had taken what become of the Ships & men they could not learn. This crew of Villains is a mixed Multitude of all Country's they bragg there is 30 Company of them dispers't into Several parts of the World, all this I had from the Master's own mouth 2 days after he was taken. I know nothing of the man of Warr being come Yett the last news She was very much disabled in Carolina as soon as could be refitted  was bound hither instead of one to attend us, we ought to have half a Dozen and all little enough if this Stroak goes foward.




amy afraid 'twill not be long before wee have more fatall news of these Pyrates certainly this Trade deserves more care from the Crown then to be left in this naked Condition




The Original Letter is in the hands of Messrs. Micajah & Richd. Perry, ready to be produced if Desired



[Refers to Samuel Bellamy’s crews just before they wrecked in Cape Codd; see 1734 Southack map below; see Turbett and Gilmore deposition]

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