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Richard Ward at Charles Town, SC—11 Oct 1715

Depositions – Richard Ward - 11 Oct 1715

BELLIN Carte de Golphe du Mexique et des Isles de l'Amerique - Pour servir a l'Histoire Generale des Voyages... Paris (1754)

SP 42/16/2

The Deposition of Richd. Ward aged 51 years [b. c1664] or thereabouts who being Sworn on the holy Evangelist of almighty God Saith, That he this Deponent was at the Havana, when Thos. Walker Esqr. arrived there from the Bohamia [Bahama] Islands, to accomodate Matters on behalf of the Inhabitants of Providence & with the Govr. of the Havana, concerning the Roberies & Piracies Comitted by Pyrates from the Bohamians at which time was fitted & provided an half Galley, & Two large Perriawgers with a Considerable Number of Men & arms, in order to sail from the Havana, to take, Surprise & cut off the Inhabitants of the said Islands for the Robberies, that the Pyrates of the said Islands had Comitted upon the Spaniards; & the said Walker happily arriving at the Juncture of time as he did & accomodating the matter with the Govr. of the Havana on behalf of all the Inhabitants of those Islands, did prevent the said half Galley & Periawgers & forces from coming to the said Islands to cruise & cut the Inhabitants off, otherwise if the said Walker had not arrived to the Havana, the Forces had proceeded against these Islands, & endeavoured to utterly ruin the Inhabitants thereof. To the Truth hereof I swore & set my hand this 14 Day of October 1715.

Richd. Ward