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Thomas Walker Junr. Deposition at Charles Town, SC—6 Aug 1716

Depositions – Thomas Walker Junr—6 Aug 1716

BELLIN Carte de Golphe du Mexique et des Isles de l'Amerique - Pour servir a l'Histoire Generale des Voyages... Paris (1754)

SP 42/16/2


A Copy of the Deposition of Thos. Walker [Junr] taken & Sworn before Robt. Daniel Esqr. Governr. of So. Carolina the 6th Day of August 1716


The Deposition of Thomas Walker Junr. aged 21 years [b. c1695], or thereabouts, who being sworn saith, That in or about the month of November 1715, This Deponent, & his Father Capt. Thomas Walker arrived from Porto prince [Port au Prince, Haiti] to his own house at Providence, about 3 miles from the town, where we landed & this Deponent, & one Capt. Vicars [John Vickers] went by land to town leaving this Deponent's Father at his own house in the Country, & when this Deponent & the said Vicars was in the Town, One Benjamin Hornigold the Pirate then Comander of a Sloop with great Guns & a Considerable Number of Men undr. his Comand, Seeing this Deponent & the said Capt. Vicars together asked this Deponent, where the Old Rogue his Father was, this Deponent answered the said Hornigold, that his Father was at home. Upon which the said Hornigold replyed to this Deponent that your Father is a Troublesom old Rogue, the said Hornigold farther Declaring, that if he coud see this Deponent's Father he woud shoot him & kill him. This Deponent thereupon replyed, That his Father was at home, & that if the said Hornigold had any thing to say to his Father; the best way was to go & speak to his face, and in this manner has this Deponent's father been Threaten'd & Villified, & abused for many months past, upon N. Providence, that for the security of his life & the peace & quiet of his Family from Pyrates resorting there, this Deponent's father has been forced to quit his Estate & habitation, & come to this Province much to his Expense & Charge.