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Thomas Smart of HMS Squirrel to Admiralty—20 Jun 1718

Letters – Thomas Smart to Admiralty—20 Jun 1718

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ADM 1/2482


Capt. Thomas Smart of the HMS Squirrel to the Admiralty - 20 Jun 1718


This is to acquaint You for information of the Rt: Honr: The Lords Commiss: of the Admiralty Thatt Since my Return from the West Indies with his Majties: Ship under My Command, I have received Your Letter of the 24th of 7br last, which his Excellency Governor Shute received in my Absence after I Saild from hence, and according to their Lordships Directory, distributed the inclosed Proclamations in the best Manner he could;-

likewise I received their Lordships Orders of the 26 of Feb. relating to the takeing all Provisions from the agent or Contractors wth: the Commiss: of the Victualling And Allso an Order from their Lordships daited the 18th of December relating to the allowance of the quarters and Charges of Sick Men; wth. a Letr: from you Signifying Their Lordships Directions to use the utmost endeavours to intercept or destroy the Pyrates upon this Coast, all which Shall be punctually Obeyed -

I am now to acquaint their Lordships, Thatt by the Directions of Governor Shute, I have Since My arrivall from the West Indies Graved and Cleand his Majties: Ship under my Command, and design to Saill very soon for Cape Corso to Protect the English Fethery? there from the incroachments of the French of Cape Briton.

Though Severall Merchantt Ships of this Country have been taken and burn'd by the Pyrates in their Voyage from the West Indies, Yett I have nott heard that any of them ath been upon this Coast Since the Ship [Whydah?] was cast away off Cape Codd, and we have received advice from New York, thatt the other Ship wch: belong to them Commanded by one Tatch of 40 Guns and 300 Men [QAR] was lately [~ 10 Jun] Stranded off of Carolina;

There is likewise an account from Barmoodas [Bermuda] Road of be and other parts that greatt Numbers hath come and Surrender'd them Selves upon his Majties: most Gracious Proclamation butt thatt after they have Supply'd them wth. Necessarries they have returned to their old trade of Pyracye

His majesties Ship under My Command is in a very good Condition for the Sea and the Company all healthfull, and when I Saile Shall carry outt wth. me My Midle Compliment of Men


I am wth. great respect Honrble: Sr.

Your most Obedientt

humble Servant

Thos. Smart


P.S. I desire their Lordships will be pleased to give me their Directions, concerning the paymentt of the Pyloads of this place.


From on board his Majesties Ship Squirrel Riding in Boston Harbour in New England June the 20th, 1718

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