Brooks Historical offers a number of writing/editing, and research services.



Custom professionally-written pieces are dependent upon subject matter and length. They generally run $100 per 500 words. If these articles involve research as well, the $35/hour professional research fee will also apply. Email to discuss details.



Papers/theses, articles, and other shorter works can be edited for $5 a page. Books are a more complex subject and require lengthy discussion and planning. Email to discuss details.


Genealogical Research:

Involves the use of online and archival resources. General fee is $25 an hour plus whatever extra costs may be incurred, including copies, postage & handling, special document ordering, etc. All extra fees with the exception of standard copying charges will be clearly discussed and approved beforehand. Email to discuss details.


Historical Research:

Students, professors, historians, archaeologists, and scholars of many fields may request historical research to be performed. Baylus Brooks has over thirty-five years experience in performing research, the last seven years as a professional historian. His areas of expertise involve American, British, and West Indian colonial historical research. Rates are $35/hour plus any costs of copies. Extra costs of ordering documents/books will be approved beforehand. Email to discuss details.



Presentation of expertise and/or original research involves a number a factors. As you know, academics rarely make good money. Publishing almost never pays. Speaking provides the bread and butter of our profession, so naturally, speaking engagements can be costly. I provide scholarly material and interpretation—you are buying my expertise. The general speaking engagement takes one hour: 35-45 minutes of presentation plus 15-25 minutes of discussion/questions. One-hour engagements are generally $250 and include travel up to 50 miles. Travel charges are incurred over 50 miles at $1.50 per mile or $15 every ten miles. Email to discuss specifics. Be prepared to tell me what topic you want to hear: writing fiction, genealogy in general, Blackbeard and other pirate’s genealogy, or research concerning the early settlement of the Lower Cape Fear. Remember that the Blackbeard research is coming out in North Carolina Historical Review in a few more weeks and is the hot topic of the day! Thanks for reading!







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