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Timeline of activities from 1715-1718—

From the Spanish wrecks on the coast of Florida to the death of Blackbeard

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Brunswick Town v. Wilmington: This is a set of new booklets available detailing the formation of the port town of Wilmington, North Carolina. Brunswick Town and Wilmington fought a long rivalry across the Cape Fear River - Wilmington eventually won and prospered into the town we know today. Wilmington, however, would not have survived if it hadn't been for Capt. James Wimble. A mariner and cartographer, Wimble came to "New Town," or "New Carthage," or the town that would later be named for Spencer Compton, Lord Wilmington. He bought a large tract on the south side and began selling town lots in competition with Brunswick Town. By 1735, Wimble outsold Brunswick Town 413 to 30! He truly saved Wilmington from certain death.

These books normally retail for $9.95, but for a limited time only, they will be offered at a 40% discount to enable teachers, librarians, museums, and other educational institutions to take advantage. Bulk buys receive best prices on shipping. Here is a video demonstration for "Capt. James Wimble of Hastings, Sussex County, England: American Merchant, Founder, and Privateer." After Wilmington was secured, Wimble fought as a privateer in the War of Jenkin's Ear against the Spanish, capturing rich prizes and cargoes. He also lost an arm to cannon fire! As one library director put it, Wimble was a "rock star."

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Brunswick Town v. Wilmington—1733

Development of the two port towns on the Cape Fear River: Brunswick Town, founded in 1726 and Wilmington, founded in 1733 as opposition to the “Family’s” large investment of Brunswick Town.

Elks Grant reasoning and determinationMe, Anne, and Dawn on the stage of the Lost Colony Playhouse in Manteo, NCFrank Sidbury estate in 1916 on Pender GIS

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Pirates & Slaves: Making AmericaBrunswick Town and Wilmington

The True Story of Edward Thache and His World

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"Baylus C. Brooks has put together a masterpiece about the history of the South... while researching the origins of Blackbeard…” ~ Valerie S.

Over 670 pages of text, tables, 
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This story had history, science, relationships and a human's struggle to live in a complex world - past, present and future. The characters are very real and believable with a great ending to their fantastic story.  ~ Jackie Wilson

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“The best part of it is that the author does not make copious use of Charles Johnson's questionable book, A General History. He relies instead on primary sources and he cites each one meticulously.” ~ Jorg G.

“If you are looking for the ‘total picture’ when it comes to Blackbeard,

this is the book you want to read!” ~ Laura N.